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When Will MLB and NHL Return to Action?

The 2019-20 NHL season has been suspended and the start of the 2020 MLB season has been delayed due to the coronavirus. When will play resume? There's a new prop bettors can wager on.

The sports world has come to a complete stop in the wake of nearly every major league and organization suspending action due to the spread of the coronavirus. Sports fans and bettors have very little to keep them entertained during these unprecedented times, and many are just counting down the days until their favorite sports league returns. 

Like they did with the NBA earlier in the week, Bovada Sportsbook is offering bettors the opportunity to wager on when the NHL will officially return and when the 2020 MLB regular season will begin. 

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The NHL suspended, or to use its terminology "paused," its regular season on Thursday. Teams have anywhere between 12-14 games remaining on their regular season schedule, but there is no word on whether the NHL will finish the regular season or go straight to the Stanley Cup Playoffs upon its return. 

The last day of the NHL season was originally scheduled for April 4, but Bovada has heavy juice on the season starting up again after April 17.

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As for MLB, its season was supposed to open on March 26, but that start date has been delayed at least two weeks. Bovada believes the start date will be pushed back beyond that, with heavy juice on the regular season starting after May 3. There's no word on whether MLB would continue spring training in some form before playing games that count. 

We're all rooting for our favorite sports to return. If you want a little extra incentive to calendar-watch, the two aforementioned props should satisfy. 


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