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Beginners Guide to Sports Gambling: Betting on the Favorite

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Beginners Guide to Sports Gambling

This is Sports Illustrated's Gambling 101, where we are teaching you the terms you need to know to help you win some more cash. When it comes to the big three betting options, laying points is a form of spread betting that you should know. Unlike total bets that offer over and under options or money lines that have a favorite and an underdog, players must decide to lay the line or take points when spread betting.

 So how do bettors lay points? Well, when you're betting on point spread odds, players laying points begin the match with a deficit. For example, bettors are laying -6.5 points to bet on the Bills at home against the Jets. By laying points, Buffalo backers are trailing by 6.5 points prior to the start of that AFC East battle. 

So is this a good move? 

Well, it all comes down to research. Make sure you are checking current form caliber of both sides. Plus, which side is at home? Points for and against averages should also be checked. Laying -6.5 odds with a side that wins by 3.5 point average is something that should be noted when spread betting. Always remember that since bettors begin with a handicap when laying points, shopping for the best odds and lowest juice is important. And if you need help along the way, make sure to bookmark the glossary of terms and we'll see you for another Gambling 101 here on a