June 08, 2009

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone went into Sunday night's WEC 41 fight against James Krause with a chip on his shoulder; a chip about the size of a WEC lightweight title shot. His 4:38 domination of Krause, however, appears to have knocked that chip away.

Following his victory, Cerrone immediately shifted his attention to current WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner, whom he has fought, and lost to, before.

"I think he's taking a lot away from me saying I don't deserve to fight him, I don't belong in the same ring with him. You're a tough guy behind the computers and the cell phone, so we'll see," Cerrone said. "Hopefully, Jamie will get out of the intensive care unit and be able to fight."

It appears that Varner will indeed do just that. WEC general manager Reed Harris said that with Cerrone's win on Sunday night, Varner had verbally agreed to a rematch. Although no date was set forth, and contracts have yet to be issued, the most likely timetable would be the promotion's planned event in September.

Cerrone has repeatedly told MMAWeekly.com that he wants to fight Varner as soon as the champion is able, "anytime, anywhere."

The two met for the first time in San Diego at WEC 38 in late January. The fight was stopped when Cerrone landed what was ruled an unintentional illegal knee to the head of a downed Varner, who was deemed physically unable to continue. Under the rules of California, such a case goes to the judges' scorecards and Varner ended up winning a technical split decision.

Varner has since revealed that he suffered a broken hand, a broken foot, and a broken blood vessel in his high in that fight. He has spent the past several months undergoing surgeries and rehabilitating the injuries.

"September's when I'm looking to get back in there," Varner told MMAWeekly.com recently. "I'm thinking the WEC will have me headline the card in September, and I'm hoping for that."

It appears that all is left is to issue some dotted lines for Varner and Cerrone to sign on.

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