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Find out where you can watch Mayweather vs Pacquiao for free.

By SI Wire
May 02, 2015

It might involve a travel budget, but you can watch Mayweather vs Pacquiao for free in certain countries around the world.

While it'll cost you $100 to watch on Showtime and HBO, countries including Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, China, Dubai, France and South Africa will air the fight for free. Though time zones may not be conducive to live watching, it'll save viewers, comparatively, a nice amount of change.

The boxers themselves will cash in regardless. Mayweather is slated for 60% of the $300 million purse, with Pacquiao getting the other 40%. If the fight goes the distance, Mayweather would get $5 million per minute, with Pacquiao making $3.3 million per minute.

The full list of free countries, as reported by The Guardian, is below.

Colombia - free on RCN
China - free on CCTV5
Dubai - free on DU
France - free on MCS
Mexico - free on Televisa and Azteca
Philippines - free with a slight delay or P2,500 (£35.50) live
South Africa - free on SuperSport
Thailand - free on Channel7 put together the infographic at the bottom of this post showing the 10 biggest boxing pay-per-view fights by how much money they brought in and how much each fighter took home following the battles. It seems likely that Mayweather will supplant himself at the top of the list. His 2013 fight against Canelo Alvarez is currently the top PPV fight, and his matchup with Oscar De La Hoya in 2007 is the second-best ever.

For a full size look at the graphic head to

- Jeremy Woo

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