De La Hoya says Mayweather should fight GGG or Canelo Alvarez instead of McGregor

Oscar De La Hoya thinks Golovkin or Alvarez should be Floyd Mayweather's next challenge instead of McGregor.
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Oscar De La Hoya believes that Floyd Mayweather is wasting his time challenging Conor McGregor to a fight and if Mayweather plans to get in the ring, should fight Gennaday Golovkin or Canelo Alvarez, De La Hoya said on ESPN's First Take.

A middleweight title bout between Golovkin and Alvarez has been scheduled for September 16.

“Even Floyd, after this fight with Canelo and Golovkin, forget about ‘The Notorious One,’,” De La Hoya said. “Forget about a fighter who has zero experience, who has zero fights, who has zero amateur experience. Forget about that. Mayweather’s better than that. Mayweather, if you want to fight or have a rematch against Canelo, or a fight against Golovkin, go after them. After Canelo and Golovkin fight, go after the winner.”

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Mayweather has not fought since September 2015 and appears to be happily retired. He is 40 years old and fighting Golovkin or Alvarez wouldn't happen until early 2018.

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