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Video: Why A Mike Tyson Boxing Return Could Be Great During Quarantine

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Former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson says he’s in talks with promoters for a potential return to fighting. SI’s Jimmy Traina shares thoughts on the possibility of seeing ‘Iron Mike’ back in the ring one more time.

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Robin Lundberg: We saw the match. What about the fight? For more, I'm joined by our Jimmy Traina. Now, Jimmy, the ratings were high for the match, but you think sports fans starved for content right now and want a Mike Tyson, fight more than anything, even if it was bare-knuckle boxing?

Jimmy Traina: Well, you know, this wasn't me coming up with this. I mean, Tyson, if you read quotes from him over the past few weeks, sounds like he wants to do something. There is this offer that supposedly is coming from whatever bare-knuckle fighting is for 20 million dollars. And Mike, from what he says, sounds intrigued by that. And then he also talked about getting back in the ring. I think for a match, maybe like a Vander Holyfield deal for charity. So there are things out there. 


This isn't like a creation in my head. But what I'd like to see based on those videos that he's posted is him in a fight with someone, you know, maybe not the top boxer in the world, but maybe something a little bit more challenging than Evander Holyfield at this stage.

Robin Lundberg: He looks impressive. Right. I mean, this is the most impressive and focused I think I've seen Mike Tyson in years. 

Jimmy Traina: Yeah, absolutely. When you're training like that, it does seem like there's sort of, you know, there's a mission going on. Who knows what it is. He's actually doing a wrestling deal right now with AEW the new company that's trying to compete with WWE. Hasn't gotten in the ring yet, but he will because that's what happens in pro wrestling. If you bring in a Mike Tyson, you're going to use him in some capacity. So there's clearly an itch for him. He's working out, he's training he's in, like you said, as good a shape as he's ever been. You've seen the punches and the videos. And obviously people are taking notice because bare-knuckle fighting is going to make this offer, supposedly. And there's talk of a charity match. So if Mike is going to do all that, do it right now while we have no sports is sort of my point.

Robin Lundberg: And I think you're correct. People would pay to see him in any ring, boxing, octagon, or wrestling. Jimmy appreciates your time, as always.

Jimmy Traina: Any time. 

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