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Greetings From Tucson: Bag Check!

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Players are not exempt from the security bag check at the McKale Center. Even if you're Talor Battle, and even if you're Talor Battle wearing swagged-out shades (captured by my iPhone):

Talor Battle Bag Check

There are actual cacti in the vicinity of the building, and some nice panel/siding contrast near the media entrance:

McKale Center Exterior

Inside, Penn State was not exactly a huge draw at the open practices. It's a sleepy early afternoon. Plenty of seats available.

McKale Center

Meanwhile, in news from other locales: SI's Alex Wolff, a collaborator on the Vancouver Olympics blog and a connoisseur of Wiz Khalifa knockoff videos, e-mailed to pass along the tongue-in-cheek Princeton version that just hit YouTube. It seems to have been inspired by Doug Davis' game-winner in the Ivy League playoff, and features the choice, school-president name-check line, "I put it down for my girl Shirley Tilghman."

As Wolff writes, "If there's ever been any doubt that Sydney Johnson has opened up the old Princeton system, all you need do is c.f. Gabe Lewullis' backdoor vs UCLA with Davis' up-fake, duck-under, and sprawl-on-the-floor number, which was the most un-Princeton-like shot imaginable."

SI + Gorilla vs. Bear

And in other music news, our SI + Gorilla vs. Bear playlist continues with three more free tracks:

Toro y Moi :: Still Sound

Panda Bear :: Last Night At The Jetty

Summer Camp :: I Want You