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Adidas reveals logo-heavy new uniforms for March

Adidas unveils new uniforms for college basketball teams, including Kansas, Louisville, UCLA and Michigan.

Adidas is the latest apparel company to trout out new uniforms for signature schools ahead of conference and NCAA tournament play. These uniforms feature oversized logos on the shorts and a two-tone style that gives rise to team colors.

The eight teams—some of which are unlikely to earn bids in the Big Dance—include North Carolina State, Texas A&M, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin and UCLA.

The “extended waistband” will allow players to show off school colors even when wearing home whites, Adidas says. To tie into a throwback feel, asymmetrical leg trim on the shorts tops off the new look.

The uniform tops almost all have a retro feel to them, save for Louisville, which goes with a sleeved option in three different colors. The jersey top style mimics the technology Adidas uses in the NBA with ventilation zones on the chest, back and side.

The away uniforms feature strong colors for each school with retro-looking contrasting necklines. The away shorts all have two tones of color, except for the white used by Wisconsin. The home uniforms build in more color by expanding that waistband with a larger block of color before returning the bottom of the short to white.

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