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Two Florida State Players Avoid Charges in Fraternity Burglary and Killing of Turtle

Ricky Aguayo and Ryan Izzo are accused of ripping the turtle’s shell off. 

Florida State football players Ricky Aguayo and Ryan Izzo will not be charged after they were suspected of trashing a frat house and killing a turtle, according to the Tallahassee Democrat

Aguayo, Izzo and a man identified only as “Shane” appeared to have entered the Phi Sigma Kappa house through an unlocked door in the early hours of Feb. 18. (Walking into the house uninvited is not uncommon after a night at the nearby bars, fraternity members told police.) A fraternity brother, awoken by “celebratory chants” found the men on the first floor of the house, which appeared to have been “ransacked,” the Democrat reported. One of the players was holding a pet turtle—it’s shell had been ripped off and it appeared dead. 

Neither player will be charged with a crime because it was unclear who killed the turtle, State Attorney Doug Hall told the Democrat.

The incident happened two months after Aguayo and Izzo were involved in a fight at the neighboring Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house. Aguayo told police he was jumped by members of the since-disbanded fraternity after they heckled him for missing two kicks against Florida. TMZ released video of the fight on Tuesday, which shows Aguayo fighting in the street and Izzo eventually coming to his defense. No charges were filed in that incident, either.