NCAA Tournament Selection Committee Reveals Top 16 Teams of Current Bracket

Virginia, Villanova, Xavier and Purdue are currently one seeds for the NCAA Tournament.
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The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee revealed the current top 16 teams in the bracket Sunday.

Virginia was the overall No. 1 seed followed by Villanova, Xavier and Purdue. Auburn was the highest ranked two seed while Clemson was the top No. 3 and Tennessee was the best four seed.

Along with those seven, the rest of the top-16 contains Kansas (two seed), Duke (two seed), Cincinnati (two seed), Texas Tech (three seed), Michigan State (three seed), North Carolina (three seed), Ohio State (four seed), Arizona (four seed) and Oklahoma (four seed).

Check out a breakdown of the current regional matchups below.

There is still one month remaining in the season and some time for these seeds to switch up before Selection Sunday. The final bracket for the NCAA Tournament will be revealed March 11.