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NCAA Division I Council Recommends Giving Athletes Extension of Eligibility if Season Cut By COVID-19

The NCAA Division I council recommends that the Division I board of directors adopt a number of protections for athletes whose seasons were impacted by COVID-19. 

Among the recommendations include allowing athletes who compete and then opt out of future participation or have a season cut short due to COVID-19, an extension of their five-year period of eligibility; and an additional season of competition if they participate in 50% or less of the maximum number of competitions allowed in each sport by Division I rules.


The  council also noted that schools may provide additional protections for their athletes on top of those recommended by the NCAA.

The board is expected to meet Aug. 21, when it will review the council recommendations regarding athlete protections and discuss the future of fall championships.

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The NCAA announced Wednesday it has established a COVID-19 concern hotline for college athletes, parents and others to report potential return-to-sport concerns.

According to the NCAA's release, the organization will notify school and conference administrators if they have been contacted via phone or email, who will then be expected to review and address concerns.

The NCAA's announcement of the hotline comes one day after both the Big Ten and Pac-12 announced their decisions to postpone fall sports. The Big East announced Wednesday evening it is also postponing fall sports. 

The Big 12 is currently continuing to pursue playing sports this fall and announced a new football schedule on Wednesday.

The SEC and ACC are also still planning to conduct their fall seasons.