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Texas A&M Kicker Seth Small's Wife, Family Broke Down in Tears After Game-Winner vs. Bama

If you thought the build-up to Seth Small's game-winning field goal against Alabama on Saturday had plenty of drama, a video of the Texas A&M kicker's family watching the game's final moment is sure to bring about chills.

With two seconds left and the game tied at 38, Small knocked down the biggest kick of the college football season from 28 yards to make Texas A&M the first unranked team in 14 years to beat Alabama—and Small's family was front and center.

In the video, Small's wife can be seen encouraging the senior kicker while she holds the hand of his mother, who appears to be praying. The anticipation only builds as you watch the family's eyes follow the kick to a hushed stadium.

As the kick goes through, Small's mother breaks down in tears, having never opened her eyes even as the crowd erupts when the kick sails through the uprights. After being overwhelmed with emotion herself, Small's wife proceeds to hop the wall and rush the field with the rest of the 12th Man.   

After the game, Small said in his postgame press conference that the kick ranked as the "third best moment of my life"—right after marrying his wife over the summer. The kicker also joked that he knows exactly what to get Jimbo Fisher after hitting game-winning field goals on the coach's last two birthdays. 

“I didn’t know what to get him, so we thought as a team that we should get a win for him," Small said.

With the win, the Aggies moved up to No. 21 in the latest AP Top 25 while Alabama dropped to fifth after the defending champion saw its 19-game winning streak come to an end.

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