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College Football World Reacts to Jimbo Fisher’s Accusations Against Nick Saban

May is typically a slow time for college football news but Thursday was anything but slow. The college football world had their popcorn out and collectively shared their thoughts in real-time on Twitter when Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher absolutely ripped Alabama coach Nick Saban during a press conference. 

Fisher was responding to Saban’s claim that the Aggies got the No. 1 2022 recruiting class by paying their players when he said they “bought every player on their team” using Name, Image and Likeness deals. Fisher refuted the claim and said the program did all of its recruiting legally. 

But before that, he called Saban a “narcissist” and said his comments were “despicable,” “a shame” and “disgusting.” The most interesting bit, however, might have been his own accusations thrown at Saban. 

“Some people think they’re God,” Fisher said. “Go dig into how God did his deal. You may find out about a guy, a lot of things you don’t want to know. We build him up to be the czar of football. Go dig into his past.”

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Fisher used to be on Saban’s staff while he was at LSU and he could be referring to what he saw behind-the-scenes. Only time will tell if anything will come from his choice of words, but here are the best reactions from the college football world on Twitter to the scathing comments. 

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