BC Bulletin: Week in Review August 3-10, 2020

A.J. Black

Boston College football is back, for the time being, and practices have kicked off in Chestnut Hill. We have been all over the first week of practice, and here are some of the stories and content that has been up at BC Bulletin. 

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And just as a site note, we are going to be covering the football season as if it is going to happen until we hear otherwise. 

* New "Stellar, Standard & Subpar" individual player previews on Tyler Vrabel, Finn Dirstine, Alec Lindstrom, Christian Mahogany and Nate Emer

* Boston College landed a commitment from '21 CB Jalon Williams from Texas beating out Mississippi State amongst others. 

* Jeff Hafley landed a trio of commitments from local '23 players from Catholic Memorial read all about them below

* Watch full media interviews with Zay Flowers & Jason Maitre, Zion Johnson and Marcus Valdez, and Brandon Sebastian & Mike Palmer

* The MAC cancelled their season, setting off what looks like a domino effect on the college football season. But in the mean time, it looks like BC will need a new OOC opponent as the Ohio game is off. 

* Phil Jurkovec talked with Alec Lindstrom about his waiver, and Jeff Hafley spoke about giving him the news. 

* Jurkovec's waiver was approved, and because of it we talk about how special BC's offense could be if there is a season this year. 

* Full practice reports from the first few days of camp.

* ACC finalized their in conference schedule and we analyzed what that would look like for the Eagles

* Steve Addazio is already in deep water at Colorado State, but his players are backing him. 

(All practice photos and interview videos courtesy of BCEagles.com)

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Enzo the Baker
Enzo the Baker

Hey, gentlemen. The articles have been very nice. Thorough, objective, and well written. I'm looking forward to...well, I don't know what...but I'm looking forward to it.

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A.J. Black
A.J. Black


Thanks so much Enzo. Welcome aboard. Great to see you here.


Welcome Enzo!

I miss you since the immature brat BCI CatBeach banned me for using Retractable Dome and other words with the usual fake selective censorship excuses that the new BC weaklings come up with.

The other poor sissy Puscadores “Male” writers are scared little girls to stand up for real BC men but alas we have AJB and this site.

I hope you like what the generous AJ did on the football thread with pinning my Daz will be gone post and all his spectacular views and robust content!

I know you’ll not miss the Taylor Swift and Cat Rescue Diarrhea and the zero impact Reporting crap on BCI, and you can follow me on Twitter.


You’ll also love my pinned tweet a few hours after Daz was fired.

Bring your BC Mantown friends over from BCI.

This is the Nexus and pray you never have to use those pussified future law school Twattwinkies.




Hey AJ, thanks for the reminder that I made an account! Would it be possible to get some type of film review on recruits/committed players? Obviously asking for more content is a lot consider what you do already, but I imagine there would be an audience for it. At least I’d like it; like why exactly is Drew Kendall so coveted, what is he better at than everyone else?