Stellar, Standard, Subpar: WR Bryce Sebastian

A.J. Black

The players have returned to campus and we inch closer to the start of the college football season. BC Bulletin will be previewing each player and projecting out their season. In these breakdowns, we discuss what a stellar, standard, and subpar season would look like for them. We are going in numerical order, today we preview wide receiver Bryce Sebastian

#16 TE/DE Joey Luchetti
#15 TE Danny Dalton
#14 LB Max Richardson
#14 QB Sam Johnson IV
#11 WR CJ Lewis
#10 Daelen Menard
#10 CB Brandon Sebastian
#9 WR Kobay White
#8 DB Jahmin Muse
#7 QB Matt Valecce
#7 CB Tate Haynes
#6 QB Dennis Grosel
#5 QB Phil Jurkovec
#4 WR Zay Flowers
#3 CB Jason Maitre.

Last season, Bryce Sebastian, younger brother of starting cornerback Brandon, redshirted for the Eagles. He was listed as a cornerback in 2019, but recruited as an athlete can play both sides of the ball. The scouting report on Bryce is this, he has incredible speed. Based on what I've heard he could become a good weapon for the Eagles when his number is called. He was ranked the #2 wide receiver in Connecticut for the Class of 2020, and #85 nationally. 


Sebastian finds a role in the offense, whether it is situational or in certain packages. Makes a handful of catches, and cracks the two deep for the Eagles. 


Used in end of game situations in blow out situations. Gets some valuable reps and snaps. Maybe finds a role on special teams. 


Doesn't see the field in 2020. 

What kind of season are you expecting from Bryce Sebastian? Leave your comments below!

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Comments (4)
No. 1-2

I believe he will be an impact player if used correctly. Whether on the offensive side, special teams or the defensive side of the ball. He simply need's the reps and the OPPORTUNITY...


I think he becomes the go-to jet-sweep guy on offense after Travis Levy graduates, but unlikely to play much this year due to Levy/Flowers. I do hope they keep him on offense because it looks like he has a ton of speed/ability to change direction quickly. I thought there were rumors of him getting moved to CB last year which would have been disappointing because he does not have the size to be a P5 DB.