2020 Canadian Wing Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe Focused on Three

Jason Jordan

After taking his third visit in the last five months, Orangeville Prep (Ontario, Can.) wing Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe said he needs a break.

Makes sense when all three schools scored “a perfect 10.”

“I want to take it all in at this point,” Moncrieffe said. “All of the visits were great. They really took care of me and gave me a lot to think about.”

Moncrieffe, a senior, visited Seton Hall last November, Oklahoma State last month and Georgetown this past weekend.

Moncrieffe said he had even more respect for Georgetown coach Patrick Ewing after seeing his interactions with his team throughout the weekend.

“He’s a nonsense coach and I like that,” Moncrieffe said of Ewing. “He talks to the walk-on the same way he talks to the starters so that stuck out to me. He tells it like it is and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Obviously, he’s a legend and he’s just got so much knowledge about the game.”

Moncrieffe said the highlights were seeing his former teammate and Jahvon “Juggy” Blair score 18 points in the loss to Seton Hall and hearing the fans chant Moncrieffe’s name.

“That was pretty cool,” Moncrieffe said. “The fans showed a lot of love the whole time.”

Moncrieffe said he’s “not sure” if he’ll take his last two officials, and, for now, is remaining focused on the Pirates, the Cowboys and the Hoyas.

“I’m going down the checklist of each school right now,” Moncrieffe said. “We’re going deep into it; just looking at the synergy, the stats, how their style fits with my style and everything.”

Monday Morning Scouting Report president Wesley Brown said Moncrieffe can fit any style, especially if there’s a need for scoring.

“MA is a quick-twitch, athletic attacking wing,” Brown said. “He’s unstoppable with a head of steam and will provide easy points to any team he plays on.”

That picture should become clearer in the near future.

“We’re really taking our time and weighing things out right now,” Moncrieffe said. “I’ve had three great visits so now I need to clear my head and really figure things out. I have great people around me to help me so I feel like we’ll know more soon.”