Caleb Williams Recaps Sooner Summit Event, Talks Early Enrollment and More

Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams is the top quarterback prospect in the 2021 class with scholarship offers from elite programs coast to coast before committing to Oklahoma on July 4. He has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his experience as a high profile recruit to his home life and preparation for his senior season. This is 'All on the Line.'

Hey guys, welcome back to Caleb Williams: All on the Line. 

I wanna start it off by congratulating Kelvin (Gilliam), welcome to the family! Been waiting on Kelvin, working on Kelvin and finally he's a Boomer Sooner. 

As everybody knows, these past couple of days, we held the Sooner Summit and we had an awesome time. It was a blast being with the guys, being with the families. 

I really appreciate all the people that could. All of the families, recruits, all my guys that could make it. And to the people who couldn't make it, we had a good time and we wish you were there. Maybe next time.

We had a lot of food, we went and got some Cane's and things like that. We went to Top Golf as a few people saw, probably, because I went on Instagram Live. I ended up losing at Top Golf, but overall we had a good time. 

We had a few guys that were committed, I wanted to meet them because some of those guys I hadn't met even if they were committed. I wanted to meet them. Then the guys that were there that weren't committed, hopefully Sooner Summit was enough for them. When we first had this idea we reached out to Coach Riley and his staff to make sure that we would all be on the same page and they could get compliance involved to make sure that we followed all of the rules. They set out some ground rules and we followed them to the letter.

We couldn't meet with the coaches in person. We couldn't have contact with the staff while we were on campus. We couldn't have the photo shoot, etc...It was a lot to follow and sometimes a little difficult, but everyone was so grateful for the opportunity to just see the campus and to be around the guys. It was really worthwhile. 

Normally you go to visits and things like that and I'm the guy being chauffeured around, etc. Being shown everything, putting on the jersey, going into the meeting room, things like that. We couldn't do any of those things. My dad and I, my mother, we were the people showing everyone around all of the places to go to. All the eateries, the fun events we went to, traveling around OKC, around Norman, as efficiently and as safely as we could. The best we could as commits to OU, my family and myself. 

I think everybody enjoyed it. Overall, it was fun, we did an awesome job collectively as a group. Being together with the masks, hand sanitizer, being as safe as possible. Just having a good time together, building the bond that I always say I want to do. 

It's easier in person. Over text you don't really know a guy, if you have never really met the guy in person. Now we've all met each other.

Put in the time, build the trust, hopefully it all goes a long way. Some big names in the 2021 class and even the 2022 class came to the Sooner Summit and I would love for these guys that want to achieve the same thing to come with me to OU. I was just being myself, hopefully it was enough to build this bond between us. We'll keep pushing. 

Next on the plate is school. I have class today at Gonzaga, it's the first week of senior year. As a freshman, every day, every workout, every minute just felt so long like I'd never reach senior year. Now I look back and it feels like a week. Crazy to think that now I'm a senior. Freshman year I had a low type of buzz cut, baby face, just started off learning the plays and building the bond with my teammates at Gonzaga. Now some of those teammates are off to college and I'm up next. 

Freshman Year

I'm exploring the opportunity to early-enroll at OU. Trying to figure things out, don't really have everything set in stone. Trying to get there early, so I can learn as much as I can to be in position to lead when my guys show up so we can all compete right away. If I get there early I will do everything possible to be prepared and to earn trust of my teammates and the coaches at OU. Get that chance and strive to excel. Stay tuned...

Signing off here, Sooner Summit was an awesome weekend. Being around the guys, finally meeting the guys, it was really exciting. Had a really good time being in Norman and then obviously being with the guys. We did everything by the book, followed all the rules, stayed in the guidelines to make sure everything flowed and was smooth throughout this weekend. 

It's been exactly 6 month since we started Caleb Williams: All on the Line. Thanks for riding with me...

Signing off, Caleb Williams: All on the Line. Stay safe, stay positive. Make sure you wash your hands. 


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