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Exclusive: Walter Nolen, Family Reflect on Recruiting Process

Moments ago, Walter Nolen announced his commitment to Texas A&M, and prior to the decision SI All-American spent time with Nolen and his family to reflect upon the lengthy recruitment and his decision in the video above. Below is Nolen's reasoning behind choosing Texas A&M. 

"I chose Texas A&M because Coach Fisher has been building a lot of good teams around there," Nolen said. "Seeing how that defense has progressed over the years, it's like 'wow, I can actually be a part of something like that and be a part of a team with the number one defense in the SEC. A team with one of the highest sack totals coming from the defensive line in the SEC.' I feel like that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

A visit to Texas A&M at the end of July helped the Aggies surge to the top of Nolen's recruitment. So what was it about that trip that got the job done?

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"It was just a great trip from start to finish, from the time I stepped off the plane everything was amazing," Nolen said. "Talking to the coaches in person, it stood out to me more than anything else."

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So what can the Aggies expect to get from the nation's No.2 overall prospect?

"They are getting a hard worker, a well-rounded person," Nolen said. "They are getting someone that, day one when they step on campus, they will be ready to compete and get a championship."

Nolen's name has been associated with elite status since he was an underclassman, but he has rarely been asked to discuss what separates him as a player.

"I feel like what sets me apart is how hard I go," he said. "Most people don't go hard like I do. If it came down to it, I'd play on one toe if I had to. I feel like that sets me apart."

Nolen and his family may still take a visit or two considering that they have trips remaining, but he is firm in his commitment to the Aggies and is looking to enjoy the remainder of a recruitment that he is excited to see come to an end.

"I'm very excited," he said about reaching a conclusion. "There's only good things coming from here. Stay tuned until college."