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The Efforts to Raise Money for an Ultramarathoner's Battle with Cancer

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Tommy Rivers Puzey, an ultramarathoner with a substantial social media following, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in late July.

Rivers Puzey, a runner at both the high school and collegiate level, never let himself beat his older brother in any competitions. He held back until he started winning local races in Arizona, where he trained to the point of injury regularly.

Since his diagnosis, his brother Jacob has organized multiple runs and virtual challenges to raise money and awareness for Rivers Puzey’s family, including a stretch where Jacob emulated his brother’s 11 mile running commute.

The campaigns and the GoFundMe have raised over $500,000 for Rivers Puzey’s family.

For updates on Tommy’s health, follow @kimpuzey, @jacobpuzey and @steph_outside on Instagram.