By Tom Mantzouranis
March 01, 2013

I Smell A New Buddy Film

Zach Galifianakis & Nikola Pekovic :: Kevin Love Zach Galifianakis & Nikola Peković :: Kevin Love's Twitter

Hey folks. I'm Tom Mantzouranis, the NFL editor at As you already know, Jimmy is taking the day off to host a marathon viewing of Girls, so I'm filling in for this edition of Hot Clicks. It's my first time piloting the Clicks, so please don't hurt me. If you like what you see here -- football, music, tattoos and/or other generally awesome things -- follow me on Twitter.

Anyway, Timberwolves center Nikola Peković is apparently a big Zach Galifianakis fan. Figuratively and literally. And Zach Galifianakis is a small, hilarious guy. Just literally. Put them together, and you have a great visual. Meeting Galifianakis didn't just make Peković's day, the resulting image made all of our days a little brighter. If this isn't "Hey, it's funny how big basketball players are!" enough for you, here's a photo of Reggie Miller looking goofy wearing one of Shaq's coats.

Move Over, Adele

Jim Cornelison has been singing the National Anthem at Blackhawks games since 1996, and he's well-known in Chicago and amongst NHL fans for his incredible pipes. He recently demonstrated the damage they can do by intentionally shattering glasses with his rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" at the "Toast for Harry" event at Harry Caray's restaurant.

The Ghost Of Matt Millen Lingers

Poor Lions fans. A year after a feel-good playoff revival in 2011, it was back to the basement last season. One fan in particular has had enough, launching a petition to decide the Lions' draft picks this year via internet vote. All fans think they're smarter than the people who run their favorite team, but in this case, he may be right.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Rashida Jones :: GQ Rashida Jones :: GQ

My esteemed cohort Chris Sesno paid homage to one of his favorite TV women earlier today, and now it's my turn. My love of Parks and Rec's Rashida Jones is well-known around the office, so let's make it official by naming her today's LLOD. After you're done seeing her sexy side, check out these 10 awesome GIFs of her.

Wise Beyond His Years

Yesterday, Jimmy passed along the tale of someone desperate to get their hands on our Swimsuit Issue. Apparently, Kate Upton's appeal knows no limits. I had the same look on my face when I got my hands on my first Swimsuit Issue, though I'm pretty sure I was already walking when that momentous occasion occurred.

The Week In GIFs

As they so often and excellently do, Guyism has recapped the week that was in GIF form.

Trick 'Shot' Video Of The Day

It's at this point that I must remind you to be safe and responsible -- and legal! -- with any potential gun use. You really shouldn't try this at home. Or anywhere else.

C'mon, Bro Video Of The Day

I think some of this language might be NSFW, but I can't actually make out a thing being said here. Anyway, this is a drunken bro doing something stupid, which is always entertaining.

Your Weekend Playlist Of The Day

Bonus content! If you know me or follow me on Twitter, you know that I share music with people constantly. And with it being Friday afternoon and the beginning of March (which, New York weather be damned, means the start of spring), I decided to end my inaugural voyage on S.S. Hot Clicks by sharing some great songs meant to pump you up before the weekend. I even put them together in a Spotify playlist because I'm the best. Crank it up to 11. (Warning: Assorted NSFW language in these songs.)

Titus Andronicus, "In A Big City"

LCD Soundsystem, "All My Friends"

Baroness, "March To The Sea"

Public Enemy, "Who Stole The Soul?"

Radiohead, "Just"

Cloud Nothings, "Stay Useless"

Black Star, "Definition"

Dinosaur Jr., "This Is All I Came To Do"

Elvis Costello, "Radio, Radio"

Big Boi Daddy Fat Sax

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