By Ryan Glasspiegel
May 08, 2013

bellinelli @CommandSign

Those billboard savants at Command Transportation have done it again. Earlier this week they whipped up an image of Joakim Noah spraying LeBron James with a fire extinguisher and posted it on an electronic billboard that overlooks Chicago's Edens Expressway. Now the signage artists are using the space to celebrate Marco Belinelli's balls dance. None of this is out of the ordinary for the Command billboard—it rotates through relevant memes and holiday greetings with such frequency that it has its own Twitter account, and deservedly so. But the display really hits its stride with sportsy signs that, say, riff on Nate Rob's height, or direct Packers fans to a parking lot 14 miles from Soldier Field. Take a gander:

According to Command's PR Director, Dana Lenckus, the company's goal with the signage is simply to "give a little humor to the people who have to suffer by sitting in traffic all day." Well, as someone who occasionally sits in Chicago traffic all day, I'll say this: it'll take more than a sign to alleviate that pain. Driving on the Eden's, which is so bad that it has its own Foursquare check-in, is like going to the dentist. But, since there's nothing anybody could do to make it better, the gesture is appreciated. Almost as much as this one:



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