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Nike's Using Frickin' Laser Beams to Project Soccer Fields onto City Streets in Spain

nike laser soccer field

In late May, Nike launched a campaign called #MiPista (translation: my track), for which crews were deployed around Madrid and made available to set up virtual soccer pitches whenever and wherever summoned. ViralBlog has some of the details:

A van, a team of Nike FC247 specialists and a crane rush into the street or square in a matter of minutes and use a laser system to project the pitch, where the teens will have a surprising experience while they try out the new boots designed specifically to play in the street. Light projection depends on the neighbourhood and if the pitch can be projected properly on the requested location.

Watch the campaign's promo below:

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Nike's Mi Pista web site links to some photos of past games and, of course, to a few of those specialized soccer shoes mentioned above. The only disappointing aspect of this ambitious project -- other than its being overseas, of course -- is the fact that the goals are supplied separately by the Nike specialists as opposed to being projected by lasers in 3D. Go big or go home, you know?