By Ben Sin
October 25, 2013


Pro poker player Phil Hellmuth finished 29th in the latest World Series of Poker Europe event, a 2,200 euros (that's about $3,038 USD) buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament. While finishing 29th is a terrible thing in most major sports (the Charlotte Bobcats, for example, finished 29th in the NBA standings this past season), finishing 29th in a poker tournament with 337 entries is quite a feat -- enough to win money.

Hellmuth's finish netted him 4,206 euros ($5,808 USD) in winnings, a profit of $2,770 USD. While that figure is chump change for a man with lifetime poker winnings of over $7 million -- the 49-year-old is the all time tournament winner at the WSOP -- his finish was a historic milestone for both Hellmuth and the poker community, as it marked the first time anyone finished "in the money" 100 times in the history of the WSOP.

The next closest guy to 100 (with 70) is Erik Seidel, who finished second in this same tournament, losing to Frenchman Roger Hairabedian. Seidel, of course, is no stranger to finishing second. Heck, his notorious second place finish at the main event of the 1988 WSOP was a target="_blank">key plot device in Rounders. 



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