By Ben Sin
October 30, 2013

jordans Air Yeezys (Kanye West's shoes), Air Spirits, and Air Jordan IV, by Jason Ruff

A New York City art teacher by the name of Jason Ruff has crafted these reproductions of Nike sneakers from cigarette boxes. According to an interview he did with Wired, Air Jordans and cigarettes both represented "unattainable objects" of his youth.

Here's Ruff explaining the project, aptly titled "Mixing the Unattainable Objects of My Youth", to Wired:

It sounds bizarre, but the pieces found in Mixing the Unattainable Objects of My Youth actually really work. The leather detailing of the sneakers replaced by geometric strips of paper. Surprisingly, patterns of the cigarette packs translate seamlessly into high-tops. If you’ve never spent any time with a pack of Newport Menthols you’ve probably never noticed it, but down in the corner is the logo that looks uncannily like an upside-down Nike sign. “The mixing of the two started when I found a bag of cigarette cartons put out for recycling on a walk home last year,” he explains of the unexpected pairing. “I saw the swoosh, and the project was born.

The "air pockets" in these miniature sized shoes (they're about 4 inches long) are made from straws. Otherwise, everything is crafted from empty boxes of Newport Menthol and some Marlboro reds.

They do look very similar to the real thing:




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