By Ben Sin
November 18, 2013


We sometimes forget that, as much as we Americans obsess over our football, the rest of the world obsess over their football probably a little more. Stories of fan riots, referees being attacked, and record setting turnouts are the norm. As a result, their footballers reach a higher level of celebrity too. Case in point: Pele.

The Brazilian soccer legend scored 1,283 goals in his career and was on three World Cup winning teams (a record). Oh yeah, he also single-handedly stopped a civil war in Belgian Congo during the summer of 1969 because the soldiers and various troops wanted to watch him play.

And so, the upcoming Pele biopic, though a relatively low budget Hollywood affair, is a huge deal in some parts of the world. It's being directed by Jeff Zimbalist, and is scheduled to release just ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. 

The film just started shooting in Rio de Janeiro, and the still is of 13-year-old Leonardo Lima Carvalho, who portrays a young version of the future GOAT of soccer/football.


Hollywood Reporter

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