These People Want Your Money: A Gamer Girl Calendar for Sexist Geeks

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Project:Girls and Games Calendar

Cash Ask: $3,500

Concept: A calendar dedicated to the beautiful women in the gaming community. It will feature female gamers playing games while looking sexy.

Creators: Jared Beymer and Erick Klix, two college students from Des Moines, Iowa. Beymer is a self-described entrepreneur currently attending Iowa State University. He says he started his first business at the age of seven by creating his own card game that “was just like Pokemon”. Klix is a photographer with a cool last name apropos of his hobby.

Worth funding? Hell no. The degradation of females in tech, video games, and, frankly, any other semi-geeky industry/community (like, say, comic books) has been widely documented. Judging from the video provided on the Kickstarter page, this calendar will consist of girls playing games in unnatural, ridiculous poses, like softly biting a controller cable while leaning over in a low cut shirt. Such sexist, shallow depiction of female gamers has been mocked to death on the internet, and it’s hard to tell whether these two kids are aware of the fact. It's one thing to create a calendar based around the idea of showing appreciation for female gamers. It's another entirely to tart up those female gamers just because it's a calendar.

Plus, the video has the vibe of a phone sex commercial, right down to the music and shots like this:


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