Everyone is Talking About Cupgate, But No One Noticed the Lakers' Counter-Move

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It was something of a trollfest two nights ago in Brooklyn, when the Lakers defeated the Nets in a sloppy game. While everyone is talking about "cupgate"—in which Nets coach Jason Kidd, in need of a timeout he didn't have, staged a collision in order to fake-spill a cup of soda on the court to force a stoppage of play—what’s being overlooked is that, during that illegally-earned time out, two Lakers—Xavier Henry and Steve Blake—snuck into the Nets huddle and basically spied on the Nets. Ok,  “snuck” is the wrong word to use, since the Lakers basically stood there right next to several Nets players without anyone noticing. It was a hilarious counter-troll attack that turned the final minutes of the game into something resembling a Will Ferrell comedy.


Or better yet, a comic book. We’ve written about Japanese manga SLAM DUNK before, and the Lakers spying on the Nets huddle is something that came straight out of the manga.


Of course, Kidd is no stranger to trolling the NBA. His best troll is still this, the bleached-blonde mini-fro.