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The Royals' biggest fan is from Seoul, South Korea

SungWoo Lee became a Kansas City Royals fan 20 years ago despite living in Seoul, South Korea, and he recently went to see the team play for the first time and the entire city rolled out the red carpet for him.

SungWoo Lee made the decision to root for the Kansas City Royals 20 years ago because he enjoyed rooting for underdogs, and after becoming a minor internet celebrity among other Royals fans, he finally headed to the city to see the team play last week.

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His arrival grew into such a social media sensation that the team asked him to throw out the first pitch at Monday's game, and there were multiple news crews awaiting his arrival at the airport.

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Writer and Royals fan Rany Jazayerli has an overview of how the entire thing came to pass, as well as all of the wonderful things SungWoo has gotten to do since arriving in Kansas City.

Best of all, as Hardball Talk points out, the Royals have won five straight games since SungWoo Lee arrived from Seoul.

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