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Concession Food Item of the Week: Crab Mac & Cheese Hot Dog

This week we decided to give The Concession Food Item of the Week a definitively maritime flair. Of course, we couldn't do this at the expense of the other vital concession food groups: hot dogs and cheese. And thus we landed on a solid compromise:

WHAT DO THEY CALL THIS WITCHCRAFT?: Stuggy's Crab Mac n' Cheese Dog

WHAT COMPRISES SUCH A THING?: It's hot dog loaded with macaroni and cheese, fresh lump crab meat, and seasoned with Old Bay. If it were any more Baltimorean it would come as an extra feature in The Wire's DVD box set.


WHO HATH WROUGHT THIS MONSTROSITY: Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles.

Yelp Verdict?: Overwhelmingly positive:

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 5.35.15 PM.png

HOW GOOD ARE THESE HOT DOGS EXACTLY: According this man who has toured every MLB ballpark, eating hot dogs at every one, they're the best. This man is no stranger to sodium.

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