Joakim Noah and Paul Pierce got into it...during a preseason game. 

By Extra Mustard
October 06, 2014

Paul Pierce has been in his share of battles with the Bulls, particularly as a member of the Celtics during his run with Boston's Big Three. Apparently, he still doesn't like Joakim Noah very much. It's hard to blame him honestly, as Noah is one of the league's notorious instigators and trash talkers. 

On Monday night, those feelings boiled over once again as Pierce and Bulls big man Joakim Noah got into it...during a preseason game. The Truth, for his part, is also one of the more swaggerific players in the league and doesn't back down from anyone. This is like two of the school's bullies going after each other, but guys it's preseason. Relax.

The two will see each other again in about two months for their first regular season game on Dec. 23 -- this one in Washington -- but until then, here's some footage from tonight to get ready for the regular season: 

- Marc Weinreich

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