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By Extra Mustard
November 14, 2014

Close on the heels of another rousing season of baseball, one aspiring auteur has set out to capture the experience of a summer night at the diamond, as seen through the eyes the players, in her film "shortstop."

Described on the project's kickstarter page only as a "biography fictional film...on a famous ny shortstop who recently retired from baseball," it tries, not so successfully, to be unclear on which player film will focus. But that summary alone is enough to conjure up the sounds of the ballpark: the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the crisp sound of a perfectly thrown bag of peanuts caught in an outstretched hand.

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While the concept may seem high-minded, the director has approached the project with clear eyes and keen sense of the potential challenges.

A key obstacle to overcome, according to the kickstarter page, will be securing the use of the names of players and their life stories from Major League Baseball. The proposed budget will cover such expenses as cast and crew salaries, securing film rights, locations and equipment, transportation and craft services.

"The film will focus on the beauty of baseball: it's ability to draw teammates together during times of triumph!"

With the exception of some scenes filmed in Rockland County, NY, the project will be shot on location in Yankee Stadium and Trump Towers.

Like a well-struck home run off Bryce Harper's bat (no word if he will make a cameo), a powerful film has the potential to live on forever.

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One thing that will be coming to an end, however, is the film's funding period. With the Nov. 19 closing date rapidly approaching, the project is still well-shy of its $22 million goal.

How short?

Only $22 million.

- Christopher Woody

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