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Monday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Best Deflategate Newspaper Headlines

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Top Deflategate Headlines


Deflategate will not go away. Just today I learned that the balls in question may not have been that underinflated, Tom Brady's feelings were hurt from the criticism and (most importantly) New York strippers don't believe the Pats QB. On the bright side, it's brought along some epic newspaper headlines.

The Daniel Snyder Movie

Good news, Redskins fans. Mark Farkas and Judy Plavnick, who have won several Emmy and Peabody Awards, are making a film about Daniel Snydercalled Under our Skins: A Dave and Goliath Story. The film will be "told through the lens of his lawsuit against former Washington City Paper writer Dave McKenna." Though Farkas points out that the McKenna stuff is "just the opening drive of what promises to be a poignant and pointed look at the embattled reign of a billionaire over a much-loved football franchise in PR free-fall.” If you support this film, feel free to contribute to the cause as the two filmmakers are trying to raise $100,000.

Manute Bol Life-Sized Bobblehead

If you're a NBA fan, it's hard not to be jealous of the Golden State Warriors. They have the NBA's best record (36-6), Klay Thompson somehow scored 37 points in a quarter and now they are giving away Manute Bol Bobbleheads to the first 10,000 fans at Oracle Arena on Tuesday. And if that's not enough, the team will have a life-size version of the toy (all 7-foot-7 of it) on display in the arena.

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

Since there is no NHL hockey tonight, this seems like a good time to feature Florida Panthers arena host and Panthersvision reporter Sophie Juliaas LLOD (click here for full-size gallery). She was also nice enough to answer some questions. 

How'd you get your start with the team?

I worked for the Miami Heat in college, who referred me to Fox Sports Florida & once I got hired there, they sent me over here. Also, I'm extremely persistent (annoying) when it comes to my career. 

I know you've met and interviewed a bunch of athletes. Who has been among your favorites?

Mostly everyone I've met and interviewed has been great. Paul Bissonnette, an old friend I interviewed for my blog, is freaking awesome. He's hilarious and always so honest - rarely indulges in media cliches. I predict a huge TV career ahead of him. Brent Celek, another friend I interviewed, is the smartest athlete I know. He's a really good guy, has a smart business mind & Philadelphia is obsessed with him. Keegan Bradley is a golfer I interviewed for the Panthers. I've never watched golf on TV and I don't really plan to, but he's super cool and a huge Panthers fan. He comes to a ton of games & tweets about the team a lot, so I'm a new fan. 

Have any of then hit on you? 

Haha umm ... a few times? Never my team, though. I'm gonna chalk it up to "locker room goggles". When you work in this industry, sometimes you're the only girl in a room and it's a little hard to go unnoticed. I'm also super tall & super blonde - hard to hide. No one has ever been disrespectful though. 

If you could date any pro athlete, give me your top 3 choices.

Tom Brady (how cliché of me): the G.O.A.T. And beautiful. I'd even let him wear Uggs. But unfortunately, Gisele got to him first & nobody can compete with that. Eric Lindros in his prime: He was my first crush. I wore a No. 88 Flyers jersey every day for a lengthy period of my childhood. I also have a blackmail worthy photo of him & I hanging in my parents basement - tough luck I met him in my most awkward looking phase. TIM RIGGINS. And not Taylor Kitsch the actor. I'm talking about the sexiest character on the planet from the show Friday Night Lights. My jealousy of Lyla Garrity is next level. I even follow 'dailyriggins' on Instagram. If there's a real life Riggins out there, I want to date him. 

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Update (6:29 a.m.): Contest is closed. Winners will be notified. Thanks.

History of U.S. Currency Design

Not exactly sports but created a cool interactive feature on the changes in U.S. currency over the years. I didn't describe it well but it's worth a click.

Not Sure I Love This Mascot


Poor Pat the Patriot

Classy Max

Points For Honesty 

Odds & Ends

Lakers rookies carry dolls to every game ... Kacie McDonnell won't return her $40,000 wedding ring to Aaron Murray ... Extra Mustard's review of the WWE Royal Rumble ... Meet the Falcons cheerleader who grew up at a funeral home ... Hassan Whiteside got his NBA2K score boosted after recording a triple-double ... The Robert Allenby story gets better and better ... John McCain is not a Roger Goodell fan ... America's oldest living vet is 108, drinks whiskey and smokes cigars ... For those of you affected, don't let this cold weather deter you from Chipotle (and its deal on tofu burritos) ... Five worst winter storms in NYC history.

Happy Birthday Wayne Gretzky

The NHL legend turned 54 today. Here's a 1987 commercial for Pro Stars Cereal. The real pro star in this ad, however, is the kid with the pink sweatshirt at the six-second mark. Best mullet ever.

Happy Australia Day

Celebrate with my favorite Australian, Jessica Gomes, on location in (where else?) Australia.


Reason No. 598 to love hockey. This little kid pulling out his own tooth with a slapshot. (H/T Puck Daddy)

100 Impressions in Four Minutes

YouTube voice artist Brian Hullperforms 100 impressions of cartoon and film characters (plus some celebrities) to celebrate his 100,000 YouTube followers.

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