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With the MLB draft concluded, it's time to look at the players with the best names. 

By Extra Mustard
June 11, 2015

Baseball players don't get enough credit for having unique names. While the All-Name Team has been a mainstay at Inside Lacrosse for years and  hockey players are starting to get recognition for their names, baseball still lags behind.

Perhaps this trend will change, though. The 2015 MLB draft, which concluded on Thursday evening, is full of outstanding names. We've listed the 36 best below, in order of their draft position because they're way too good to rank. 

Dansby Swanson, Diamondbacks (first round)

Ke’Bryan Hayes, Pirates (first round)

Kyle Funkhouser, Dodgers (first round)

Trey Cabbage, Twins (fourth round)

Skye Bolt, Athletics (fourth round)

Kade Scivicque, Tigers (fourth round)

Jagger Rusconi, Red Sox (fifth round)

Jay Flaa, Orioles (sixth round)

Reece Karalus, Rays (eighth round)

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Sarkis Ohanian, Reds (ninth round)

Ryan Krill, Yankees (ninth round)

Witt Haggard, Mets (10th round)

Kerby Camacho, Twins (11th round)​

Mylz Jones, Rockies (13th round)

Adam Choplick, Rangers (14th round)

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Daniel Sprinkle, (15th round)

Cody Brickhouse, Giants (15th round)

Scooter Hightower, Pirates (15th round)

Dustin Hurlbutt, Athletics (16th round)

Sixto Torres, Mets (17th round)

Jacy Cave, Diamondbacks (19th round)

Toller Boardman, Tigers (22nd round)

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Marcus Mostrobuoni, Cubs (25th round)

Icezack Flemming, Yankees (26th round)

Ljay Newsome, Mariners (26th round)

Saige Jenco, Red Sox (27th round)

Horace Gandy Stubblefield, Phillies (28th round)

Christian Turnipseed, Orioles (28th round)

Jake Peevyhouse, Diamondbacks (34th round)

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Drayton Riekenberg, Dodgers (36th round)

Marc Mumper, Rockies (37th round)

Rayne Supple, Cubs (38th round)

Bucket Goldby, Marlins (39th round)

Mattingly Romanin, Blue Jays (39th round)

Hunter Bowling, Giants (39th round)

Kahiau Winchester, Rays (40th round)

- Dan Gartland

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