The Scottish Premiere League's Partick Thistle unveiled their new mascot to mixed results from fans. 

By Extra Mustard
June 22, 2015

Partick Thistle Football Club of the Scottish Premiere League unveiled its new mascot on Monday morning, but received mixed reviews from fans.

Kingsley, the new mascot, was designed by Scottish artist David Shirley and replaces the giant bumblebee mascot that was Jaggy MacBee. MacBee ​was named after the Scottish drink company MacB and served as the team's mascot from 2011 to 2015. Kingsley came about when the team signed a new sponsorship deal with investment firm Kingsford Capital.

The new mascot has been described as a cross between a half-sun and Lisa Simpson with a unibrow and gapped teeth. The eyes also have no pupils.

The team unveiled Kingsley by having him walk sideways in the team's tunnel before turning to cameras.

Fans took to twitter to voice their disappointment with the new mascot. 

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