Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Heather Locklear; Roger Clemens sells soap

Thursday’s PM Hot Clicks feature Heather Locklear as the Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day and Roger Clemens selling soap. 
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Roger Clemens Gets Naked

at Mike Piazza in the World Series. Thirteen years before that he starred in a commercial for soap, in which he wasn’t even wearing any clothes. 

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Kristaps Explains It All

Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis has finally told us why he looked like Kevin Federline as a child. 

“I loved the look,” Yung Zing told the New York Daily News, “and all the girls loved it.”

He had to get them re-done every week or so, and was willing to endure a little pain if it meant being the freshest kid in Liepāja.

“My hair would not look good after a week,” he added. “I remember it was painful.”

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Colorblind L Train Riders, Beware

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Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day

for the full-size gallery.)

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Yeah, Vols Fans Still Hate Lane Kiffin

Our friends at FanSided​ set up a voice mailbox for Tennessee fans to call, thinking it was Lane Kiffin’s number. Given Kiffin’s contentious departure from Knoxville, the results were pretty predictable and awfully hilarious

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Don’t Cross The Hoodie

The Patriots tweeted (and gutlessly deleted) some Jets trash talk this morning. If former Pats and current Jets running back Stevan Ridley is to be believed, the social media manager who sent the tweet had better be careful.

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Odds & Ends

Our Thursday Night Football drinking game is back because neither the Niners or Seahawks are any good this year. ... There’s a guy in Brooklyn with a Pizza Rat tattoo. ... The Sexy Pizza Rat costume (and others like it) is just a marketing stunt, though. ... An alleged serial killer showed up in disguise on a British reality show. ... Deadspin’s Tom Ley has a great profile of Bronson Arroyo. ... There’s an abandoned airport terminal at JFK and Gothamist has a photo gallery. ... Russell Westbrook, just begging to be cursed, says he doesn’t know who Lil B is. ... A bunch of frat guys at Transylvania University (a real school in Kentucky and not Romania) got gifted tickets to a Taylor Swift concert by TSwift herself but they’re donating them to charity. ... Hmm, a startup semi-pro basketball league in Las Vegas is incredibly shady? Who could have guessed?

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Be Careful While Stealing Bikes

This video is in Portuguese but slapstick comedy is a universal language. 

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I Stay In Flushing Like I’m Dillon Gee

Go Mets.

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