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Extra Mustard’s Thursday Night Football drinking game for Seahawks vs. 49ers. 

By Extra Mustard
October 21, 2015

Welcome to the latest installment of Extra Mustard’s Thursday Night Football drinking game. Week 7 features another divisional matchup that used to be interesting: Seahawks vs. 49ers.

What used to be a heated rivalry has been reduced to a puddle of Jim Tomsula’s sweat. The Seahawks haven’t recovered from the Super Bowl, Kam Chancellor’s holdout or their leaky offensive line no matter how much of Russell Wilson’s sports drink they consume. 

If you do end up watching the game for reasons other than degenerate gambling, hopefully our drinking game makes the affair a little more watchable. 

Responsible sip your drink when

Colin Kaepernick throws an interception

Jim Tomsula makes a weird face

You see Pete Carroll furiously chewing his gum

Jim Nantz references the Fred Jackson-Marshawn Lynch drag race rumors

Did you know Jerryd Hayne played rugby?

They use the term Beast Mode

There’s a commercial break without a DraftKings or FanDuel ad

B-roll of the Golden Gate Bridge

B-roll of Lombard Street

B-roll of Fisherman’s wharf

Finish your drink when

They show a replay from the end of the Super Bowl

CBS shows a Jim Harbaugh graphic

CBS shows a graphic outlining everybody the Niners lost from last year

Someone criticizes Marshawn Lynch for not talking to the media

You realize neither of these teams is in first place

Buy a pair of Google Glass if

Jim Nantz doesn’t say the word “friends”

Refill your drink when

Periodically. You don’t always need us to tell you. Have some fun. 

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