Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Katie May; Mad Libs With Kristaps Porzingis

Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Katie May and take you on an adventure of mad libs with Kristaps Porzingis.
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Programming Note: There will be one version of Hot Clicks today, tomorrow and Friday. Plan accordingly.

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Thanksgiving Mad Libs With Kristaps Porzingis. Who's Cindy??

and I think someone has a crush on a girl named Cindy. 

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LeBron Celebrates Movember

Can't say enough good things about LeBron James' (mini)-handlebar mustache, which he grew for Movember. Not quite sure he's ready to enter the World Beard and Mustache Championship just yet but it's a great look. 

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10 Most Extravagant Homes of Professional Soccer Players

Must be nice to have that Spice Girls money, right David Beckham?

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Lovely Lady of the Day


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Friday Night Lights, The Musical

It's coming (one night only) and Jason Street will be Coach Taylor.

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15 Top Corporate Logo Fails of 2015

You'll never want Vermont Maple Syrup again after seeing its logo.

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Running Off Your Thanksgiving Meal

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Ovechkin and Ovechkin

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Want This Jacket

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Odds & Ends

A Warriors fan hit a layup, free throw and three-pointer to win free haircuts for all of Oracle Arena (then taunted the entire Lakers bench) ... ESPN had a lame excuse for trolling the Patriots ... Stephen Curry bought a $3.2 million mansion with a ridiculous wine cellar ... Previewing Thanksgiving's slate of NFL games ... The best college football towns ... Bill Walton had no idea his son Luke's car was stolen ... Kobe Bryant's four closest teammates ... The best frisbee trick shot you'll see today ... Mark McGwire will take over as Padres bench coach next season ... Behind the scenes moments from iconic TV shows ... Someone pranked Target customers with fake Black Friday ads ... Man in the High Castle creator Frank Spotnitz discussed the subway ads controversy. I saw the first episode and it's a pretty good show, FYI ...Idris Elba wants to put out a Stringer Bell album. 

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What to Watch for Today

A look ahead to the day in sports.


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Alley-Oop Three-Pointer!

Dunking is so 2013. For Blake Griffin, it's all about the alley-oop three-pointer.

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​Minnesota Timberwolves Mean Tweets

The Shabazz Muhammad onecracked me up. 

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The wife and I listened to four hours of '90s rock on our trip from Jersey City to Boston last weekend. Brick by Ben Folds Five is the one song still in my head.

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