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Jack Sock helped his opponent Lleyton Hewitt win a point during a match. 

By Extra Mustard
January 06, 2016

American tennis player Jack Sock, for whom the phrase "put a sock in it" has probably never been funny, is earning plaudits for a display of sportsmanship during a Hopman Cup match with Lleyton Hewitt on Tuesday.

In the first set, Llewit served leading 30–0 when the judge ruled the serve a fault. That’s when Sock told a flabbergasted Hewitt, “That was in, if you want to challenge it.” Hewitt took Sock for his word, the ball was ruled in, and everyone shared a hearty laugh.

Except me.

Are you kidding me, Sock? This is big boy tennis. If Michael Jordan called a foul every time the refs missed a call we wouldn’t be looking at replays of him hitting a game-winner over Bryon Russell in Game 6 of the '98 Finals. You think Bill Belichick willingly handed over those Spygate tapes and deflated footballs to the NFL? Wisen up, kid.

Sock would go on to lose the match in two sets. 

- Rohan Nadkarni

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