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LeBron James's eventful month of March in review

LeBron James has had a very, very strange month of March. 

LeBron James had a very, very strange month of March. What started on a high note, with a heroic deliverance of Kendrick Lamar’s new album, quickly took a turn the other way. Things got strange when James began to tweet cryptically, and even more peculiar when he decided to unfollow his own team on Twitter and Instagram.

On and off the court, James had quite an eventful 31 days. Here’s a brief recap.

March 1 – Cryptic tweets begin

March 3 – James gets the world a new Kendrick Lamar album

March 4 – Don’t take anyone for granted

March 6 – Braggadocious screaming workout selfie

March 6 – The “beautiful mind” remark

March 6 – LeBron is Batman

March 21 – Unfollows Cavaliers on Twitter and Instagram

March 22 – Then suggests he will join another social network

March 23 – Piling on Northern Iowa with joke

March 23 – ‘Dream Team’ comments published

March 23 – Apologizes to Tyronn Lue

March 24 – Pokes fun at media in Snapchat video

​March 29 – Coach LeBron


Through it all, the Cavaliers went 11–5 in March, and James averaged 25.6 points, 8.2 rebounds and 7.1 assists.