Manchester City’s Fabian Delph: I see ghosts all the time

Manchester City’s Fabian Delph says he has experience with the supernatural. 
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Manchester City’s Fabian Delph is entirely too chill for a man who has claimed to have seen ghosts multiple times.

Yes, ghosts. And from the sound of it, these aren’t some friendly, Casper-type ghosts. These are grown ghosts with their own agendas who care little to none about our plans. 

Here’s what Delph had to say, via a video from Man City’s YouTube page.

“I see ghosts all the time," Delph said. “I think I’ve seen four. When i first signed for Villa I stayed in a hotel and there was a lot of things moving in the room, lot of things banging around. And about four months ago I saw two ghosts in the bedroom ... That one was actually carrying a body and it went out on to my balcony and disappeared.”

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I’m sorry, carrying a body

Just when I thought it was finally safe to get into the Premier League, someone has to tell us about his experience with ghosts. Soccer is never going to catch on in America.

– Rohan Nadkarni