Vin Scully call of Dodgers-Giants brawl (VIDEO) - Sports Illustrated

Vin Scully made the Dodgers-Giants brawl sound almost serene

Vin Scully keeps his cool in any situation, even during a fight. 
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One of Vin Scully’s greatest attributes—and there are many—is the way he can make any situation sound like a peaceful chat by a fire, even a massive brawl. 

The benches cleared in Monday’s Dodgers-Giants game after Madison Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig started jawing at each other. With the expanded rosters, the scene on the field was pretty hectic. Scully broke it all down after he returned from commercial, as calmly as anyone possibly could. 

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That’s pretty great, but nothing will top Scully’s play-by-play of this 2013 dust-up between the Dodgers and Padres: “That’s fertilizer, says Kemp, over and over.”