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Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Natalie Roser; Jerry Rice Flip Flops Again

Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Natalie Roser and Jerry Rice flip flops again

Jerry Rice Flip Flops Again


Three weeks ago, Colin Kaepernick sat for the national anthem and people were very upset. Jerry Rice criticized the move and was promptly DESTROYED on Twitter for doing so. Since then, more athletes have staged their own protests and the public has softened its stance against Kaepernick. Rice also had a change of heart and tweeted on Tuesday his full support of the 49ers quarterback. Normally I'd applaud Rice for educating himself and changing his stance. But I'm a Patriots fan who is still angry about Deflategate so I'll just point to Rice's other embarrassing flip-flop on the use of stickum and move to the next item.

Dodgers-Giants, The Day After

The Dodgers and Giants nearly came to blows on Monday after Madison Bumgarner yelled "Don't look at me" to Yasiel Puig after the outfielder grounded out to the pitcher. If you're thinking Bumgarner was being a little crazy, you're right. The Dodgers thought so also and had these custom t-shirts made to prove their point.

Charlie Whitehurst Takes the Best Photos

The Browns signed Charlie Whitehurst to be their backup QB; stop what you're doing and look at these photos.

Natalie Roser: Lovely Lady of the Day

Natalie Roser is today's LLOD and I really hope nobody emails to complain about her because she's just about perfect and you are all crazy (click for full-size gallery). 

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights NFL Redzone

The biggest celebrity fantasy football player is ... Meat Loaf. Seriously. And if you don't think I just included this item so I could link to a Meat Loaf song at the end, you must be new to Hot Clicks.

SI Recommends

Most Lewd Sounding Town Name in Each State

These are fairly tame, though I'd love to visit Three Way, Ariz., at some point in my life.

The World's Spiciest Chip

Why would anyone eat this?

That Was Quick


Odds & Ends

I put together this Pulitzer-worthy piece of Anastasia Ashley's various workouts. Give it a look .. Hair vs. hair matches in the UFC would be tremendous... I don't see the harm in the Rutgers AD drinking a beer but what do I know ... Good to see Phil Kessel throw some shade at USA Hockey ... The Reds pitching staff is historically awful ... The world's highest bridge will open in China this year ... The internet in North Korea does not get Hot Clicks. Say what?! ... Crazy museums from around the world.

One Happy Mom

Von Miller and His Chickens

Happy Birthday, Bill Murray

Bat Out of Hell

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