Wednesday’s P.M. Hot Clicks: Mikalah Sultan; The fall of Robert Swift

Wednesday’s P.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Mikalah Sultan and how Robert Swift went from NBA lottery pick to drug addict. 
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What Happened to Robert Swift?

Robert Swift was an NBA lottery pick at 18 and an addict living in a drug den at 28.

Kessel Fallout

Phil Kessel torched USA Hockey after its flop in the World Cup Tuesday night, and now the players are returning fire

The Americans might not have liked Kessel’s quip, but Canadian Roberto Luongo decided to pass his Twitter crown to Kessel. 

What is 'Pumpkin Sauce'?

These new McDonald’s fries in Japan sound like an unholy concoction.

Mikalah Sultan: P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

Meet Mikalah Sultan, who was in recently for an SI Swimsuit casting call. She’s a big fan of volleyball and soccer. (Click here for the full-size gallery.) 

The Mystery of the Stolen Gold

A Canadian mint employee is accused of smuggling $170,000 in gold out of the mint in his butt. How do they know it’s possible? “A security employee actually tested the idea.” I don’t want to know how. 

From Goofball to Hunk


A cool GIF from

Who's the Better Stranger Things Doppelganger?

Bob Knight: Historical Scholar

Odds & Ends

Saint Louis University’s new mascot will haunt my dreams ... This guy ran about two marathons every day for six weeks to set a record for covering the Appalachian Trail ... This story about a seemingly normal New York family is too crazy to sum up ... The launch of Facebook and 16 other things that happened since Tennessee last beat Florida ... A fake threat caused the evacuation of 19,000 kids from 60 schools on a Canadian island ... If you want to know about the alleged New York bomber’s YouTube habits, click here ... I enjoyed the bit in our weekly wrestling column where a wrestler reimagined the NFL season as a wrestling show

Don't Blink

How Rude. 

Why Would You Do This to Yourself?

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