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Watch: Cyclist snaps his friend’s bike in half after crashing near finish line

Cyclist Jeremy Santucci destroyed his bike with an impressive show of frustration. 

Cyclist Jeremy Santucci crashed out of qualifying for the Red Hook Criterium in Milan on Saturday and didn’t handle the disappointment well. 

Santucci was in the lead pack with just a few hundred meters to go when another rider ran into a wall, causing a pile up. (You can see video of the crash here.) Understandably, he had some frustration to vent. 

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But wait, it get worse. The bike wasn’t even his. His friend loaned it him because his bike is in the shop. 

“When your heart rate is above 190 and you train all year for finals and get crashed out ... there are a lot of feelings running through you....,” Santucci wrote on Facebook.

He apologized on Tuesday after the clip made it onto the Today show (!). 

“I would like to publicly apologize for my unsportsmanlike conduct,” Santucci wrote. “The bike was totaled before the toss and I was lucky to walk away alive, my emotions were running high and I was not in my present mind... I gave my Freind my whole complete bike to help make this right.” 

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