Madison Headrick, an enormous lobster and much more in Tuesday's PM Hot Clicks. 

By Dan Gartland
October 18, 2016

No Love For Steph?

At first I was incredulous that only 10% of NBA general managers picked Stephen Curry to repeat as MVP. He was the unanimous pick last year! But I guess the addition of Kevin Durant means less of a chance for Steph (and an opportunity for Russell Westbrook to go crazy in OKC). 

This is a Dinosaur

I refuse to believe that this enormous lobster caught off the coast of Bermuda was born in the last millennium. 

This Guy Has the Worst Luck

This matador lost an eye to a bull’s horn five years ago. Another bull stuck its horn through the eye patch this weekend

Madison Headrick: P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

This is Madison Headrick, who was in recently for an SI Swim casting call. She likes biscuits, which is a good opinion. (Click here for the full-size gallery.) 

Who Likes Conspiracy Theories?

There’s probably nothing fishy about this UFO researcher who died unexpectedly, but you never know!

He Was Great in Holes

I Bet Their Debut Album is Terrible

This Was Worth All the Effort

You guys asked: me standing in my mail order bride costume from funny

Odds & Ends

A truck spilling animal fat caused six car crashes in Texas. ... Bill Belichick spent more than five minutes today explaining why he hates tablets. ... I’m moving to Europe because they work 19% fewer hours there. ... Everyone is freaking out about the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2. ... I got 14/15 on this quiz of random Cubs players, and I’m a Yankees fan. ... Finding 40 dead frozen cats is about the worst way for your storage locker auction to end. 

47 Years Ago Today

Look how skinny he is!

I Don’t Know How I Feel About This

These games are awesome but I’m not as optimistic about this movie. 

The Depravity of the ’86 Mets, in Their Own Words

This is a new animated short film from James Blagden. If you recognize his style it’s probably from this video about Dock Ellis’s no-hitter

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