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Nav Bhatia is Canada’s Marlins Man

Blue Jays/Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia is easy to spot at all the biggest sporting events in Toronto. 

If you’ve watched a sporting event in the past four years, you’ve seen Laurence Leavy, aka Marlins Man. Toronto has its own Marlins Man, except he’s at least ten times cooler. 

Nav Bhatia is the owner of two Toronto-area car dealerships and a fixture at Raptors and Blue Jays games. He’s been a Raptors season-ticket holder since their first season and it isn’t hard to spot him behind the basket, cheering more enthusiastically than everyone else. 

The Raptors are his first love, but he also goes crazy for the Jays.


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Like Marlins Man, Bhatia also has an item of clothing that makes him stand out. The turban he wears according to his Sikh faith is usually matched to the jersey he’s wearing. For Game 5 of the ALCS, it was time for the blue one.

He loves the Raptors and the Raptors love him.

“He’s like my dad,” center Jonas Valanciunas, who said Bhatia helped him practice English, told The New York Times in 2014.

He also uses his Raptors fandom to combat racial prejudice, sending hundred of South Asian Raptors fans to games every year, at an annual cost of over $300,000.