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Hopefully Terry Francona can finally get some sleep after Game 7

Terry Francona needs to go to bed. 

Terry Francona really needs a nap. 

I don’t think the Indians manager has had a good night’s sleep since the playoffs started. During the ALCS, he had to find a dentist at 1 a.m. because his tooth popped out in his tobacco. Before Game 5 of the World Series, Tito found himself restless at 3:30 a.m. and ordered $44 worth of room service ice cream

So did he sleep well the night before Game 7? No, not all.

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I’m not pulling for any particular team in the game tonight. I’m just rooting for Tito to grab a warm glass of milk, put on an eye mask and get a good eight hours after it’s all done. That seems unlikely, though, considering he once stayed up all night eating 17 popsicles