Calm down, Spurs fans: Kawhi Leonard’s braids are alive and well

Take a deep breath. Kawhi’s braids didn’t go anywhere. 
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Welp, we got duped by some photographic trickery

A photo went viral last night purporting to show Kawhi Leonard without his trademark braids and Spurs fans were rightfully panicked. 

LeBron finally faced the music and shaved his head

The fact that the photo is filtered nearly beyond recognition perhaps should have been a red flag but that image certainly does show a braid-less Kawhi. It’s not real, though. 

Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express-News says “people close to Kawhi” (multiple people?) called to tell him “this photo is fake.” It is a photo of Leonard working out at the gym but someone “decided to alter the pic,” Young adds

Damn, even Kawhi’s hair isn’t safe from NBA rumor season.