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Andre Roberson called out for leaving 2.8% tip after signing $30 million deal

He just made $30 million and even defended his stingy tip. 

This isn’t a good look for Thunder guard Andre Roberson. 

OKC just locked up Roberson on a new three-year contract worth $30 million, reportedly agreed to on Wednesday night. The timing is noteworthy because, according to TMZ, Roberson spent his Wednesday evening at a bar in Austin having drinks with some 12 of his buddies. The party ordered nearly $500 worth of vodka sodas, vodka Red Bulls and Long Island iced teas.

Keeping in mind Roberson has already made $5.6 million in his career, how much do you think he tipped? $100? $150? No, it was $13.97—2.8%. 

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Roberson also bricked the math. The number he was looking for to bring it to an even $500 was $12.87, not $12.97. (Ironically, I also made a typo in this sentence at first.)

As if skimping out on the tip wasn’t bad enough, Roberson also defended his stinginess. 

Andre, dude. I’m all for athletes spending responsibly, but show a little common courtesy. 

UPDATE: Even Roberson’s teammates are clowning him.