In Monday's Hot Clicks, we pay tribute to Dodgers' Flashing Grandma. Plus, a feature on the lovely Marcela Munoz.

By Andy Gray
July 07, 2017

Meet the Dodgers' flashing grandma

We're at the slowest point of the sports year right now, and frankly, I'm a little worried about finding new, interesting items for Hot Clicks. Today, however, is not one of those days, and I have this elderly Dodgers fan who flashed the crowd during Saturday's game to thank.

Alex Ovechkin had a better weekend than you

A year after getting married, Alex Ovechkin and Nastasiya Ovechkina threw a huge wedding bash Saturday near Moscow. The party included Ovechkin dancing sans shirt, random ballet dancers and one enormous cake.

Best wife ever

It's nice enough for this woman to donate a kidney to her husband, but to surprise him with a custom baseball card to give him the news is next level. Watch the video. Things get emotional at the 2:30 mark.

Lovely Lady of the Day

If Marcela Munoz doesn't motivate you to have a great week on this lovely Monday, I don't know what will. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).

The world's oldest living male twins turn 104

They both remained unmarried throughout their lives "because they always disapproved of each other’s potential partners," the AP reported. Wonder if that has anything to do with their longevity.


Thumbs up on joining the Mile High Club. Thumbs down on getting busted doing so.

The 90 Best Movies of the '90s

I would've had Forrest Gump higher than No. 48. Otherwise, solid list.

Zach Randolph is not paying anyone's electric bill

This is one of the stranger stories of the summer.

Parents vs. technology

This is not where I'd put my wedding ring

Mookie Betts flies to All-Star Game

Odds & Ends

Read this oral history of NBA Jam. It's excellent ... Rio has an enormous Olympic debt, and the IOC isn't being very helpful ... Stephen Jackson thinks a BIG3 all-star team could beat an NBA team ... Todd Marinovich, age 48, is trying to make a comeback ... Here's one fun thing about this year's Tour de France ... This was not one of Joel Embiid's finer social media moments ... Tom Brady found a new way to make Pittsburgh hate him ... The Giants screwed up Barry Bond's Walk of Fame plaque ... China's mysterious sky graveyards are terrifying ... An excerpt from the new oral history about the night Bob Marley was shot ... The 10 best TV shows of 2017 (so far).

Wait for Messi's reaction at the end

Moms are the best

You should be ashamed

Who danced best before roller coaster ride: OBJ/Pogba or Nina Agdal?

Don't F with this dog

Nirvana plays at a Radio Shack in 1988


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